Dimensional Verification and Calibration Services

ENI Labs is experienced and equipped to handle a broad range of dimensional verification work to some of the tightest tolerances available. Our A2LA accredited scope covers most makes and models of the following and more:

Angle Blocks Sine Bars Plain Rings Height Gauges
Bore Gauges Snap Gauges Plain Plugs Indicators
Planer Gauges Stop Watches Calipers Knee Blocks
Plug Gauges Surface Plates Caliper Masters Length Standards
Protractors Thickness Gauges Combination Squares Levels
Radius Gauges Thread Plugs Cubes Micrometers
Reticles Thread Rings Depth Gauges Parallels
Rules & Tapes Thread Wires Gauges Pin Gauge
Shim Stock Torque Gauge Blocks V-Blocks


accredationENI Labs performs in-labs and on-site calibrations services accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. To reference our latest scope and certificate please click the A2LA logo on the left hand side of this page.

Our Commitment

ourcommitmentAs a leader in service in our industry, ENI Labs can perform a range of calibration services for your company including temperature, humidity, electronic, and frequency calibration services. We offer these...

Quality Policy

Quality PolicyENI LABS is committed to our customers and employees to provide the highest quality workmanship and service in a timely manner. We have further committed our people, methods, and processes for continuous improvement and compliance to national standards.  Customer service is our PRIORITY!

Our Capabilities

  • State-of-the-Art Testing Equipment On - site Calibration
  • Local Pickup & Delivery Available
  • Three convenient Service Plans:
  • Rush: 1-2 days, Expedite: 3-5 days and Standard: 6-15 days
  • Complete repair service available
  • Customer service is our PRIORITY!